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Success Stories

Great Staff

Everyone was very friendly, professional, and attentive.

-Shayna N.F., May 20, 2020

Care About Healing Process

I have only come in twice. Though I am very impressed with “Quest Chiropractic”. From the staff, Dr. Meeks and the follow up. To get a call from the doctor after the first treatment to see how you are doing. That says a lot that Dr. Meek’s and staff really care about my healing process. The information sent to my home was very informative. I feel strongly I made the right choice.

-Chris K., June 21, 2014

Miserable Pain

My Success Story: I was in so much pain due to a fall a couple of years ago. I had work done by a massage therapist. I went a couple of times. There was some success, but not a lot. Then I took a fall in the shower and it just added to more pain. I was miserable and hurting. Then I saw the sign on the way to work “chiropractor”. The house made me feel at home just looking at it. I decided a few days later to just come in because of the pain.

Dr. Jennifer was very compassionate and got me in right away. Her treatment was like a miracle to me. She has got that special touch. The relief from her treatment was immediate.

Two days prior to coming, I was at the medical center in serious pain due to my bowels being backed up. After her treatment I felt alive again and almost pain free. Then I came again and thanked her for such amazing work on me. I will continue my treatments and look forward to all my sessions with her. What a life change. Thank you so much for that healing touch Jennifer. It is such an amazing thing you coming into my life.

– Alana McNaughton, July 27, 2012

Itasca, Cranbook and Marysville families enjoy chiropractic
and its amazing benefits.