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Electro Acupuncture Microcurrent

Painless, Non Needle Electro Acupuncture Microcurrent For Age Reversal Facial Lift

Dr. Eldon H. Meeks is a nationally known physician who has spoken to thousands of doctors around the country. He is a board Certified and Licensed Chiropractor who has extensive advanced training, especially in all the muscles of the face and body, and how they can be educated back to where they belong, making his patients look and feel years younger!

This specific health treatment and technology has been in use for over 50 years with success. As the electro acupuncture micro current technology has improved, so too have the results.

Results are achieved by boosting gentle sub-sensory muscular currents that activate the bodies naturally occurring electrical impulses that control skin and muscle healing and tone, to reverse the signs and end effects of aging at a cellular level.

Electro acupuncture has been clinically proven to treat, heal and reverse the following:

  • Facial Lift
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Damage
  • Scar Reduction
  • Stretch Marks
  • Acne
  • TMJ
  • Reverse-Aging

The Science

Scientists have documented that cellular repair is accelerated by using Subsensory Electro acupuncture micro current to match and ‘boost’ the bodies naturally occurring electrical currents.

While we use this treatment modality in our chiropractic and acupuncture clinic to increase healing and strength of damaged or degenerated body structures, we can also get the exact same increased health effects rejuvenating the health and appearance to the skin and musculature of the face, buttocks and stomach.

This treatment protocol produces healthier skin providing these benefits:

  • Lifts Face, Neck, Jowls & Eyebrows
  • Firms, Tones & Repairs Skin
  • Significant Lifting of Muscles
  • Sculpts Facial Features
  • Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness
  • Significant Wrinkle Reduction
  • Increases Skin Youthfulness & Glow
  • Reduces Acne
  • Shrinks Large Pores
  • Increases Lymphatic Drainage to reduce facial swelling
  • Diminish Pigmentation
  • Diminish Sun Damage
  • Breaks down Scar Tissue/Scarring

Subsensory electro acupuncture micro current, as rendered in Dr Meeks’ office, is proven to recharge our bodies cells, one of the main modes by which we may do this is via ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the body’s natural healing molecule, which is increased 500% through use of Electro acupuncture micro current.

The ‘Reverse-Aging’ Facial Treatment Plan is Cumulative

Subsensory electro acupuncture micro current provides immediate results to the muscle tone and texture of the face, stomach, buttock… or to whichever body regions the therapy is applied. The effects of this treatment are cumulative and continue to build with a series of treatments.

With each painless, non needle, Electro acupuncture current facial lift treatment, healing energy levels are boosted and retained. This explains why the results are cumulative, and the visible effects become better and better as the series of treatments progresses. Think of it like working out: the more you work out and the more committed you are, the greater the results… and the longer those results stay.

With each treatment, the skin absorbs more and more of the key neuro-electric energy causing the skin and muscles of the face to become progressively stronger; plumping up the outer skin layer, lifting and tightening the muscles, and erasing wrinkles and deep lines.

What You’ll Notice After Your First Treatment

Your complexion will look much more refreshed and revitalized for days afterwards, which is why many celebrities and those in the public eye, like to book them before big events.

Skin tightens as facial lines smooth and disappear; skin below the chin and excess jowl flesh lifts and tightens; eye skin darkness and swelling is reduced; full facial musculature ‘tightens’, drawing the full facial soft tissue structure ‘up'; and your skin will regain a rosier, healthier, more youthful hue and color.

Realize, you will notice dramatic improvements after just one treatment

The boost of neuro-electric current creates a ‘charge’ that lasts 72 hours in the cells, and patients are encouraged to return for treatments every 3 days for treatment at the beginning of care. As you get further in to your treatment plan your results are more stable and less care is needed.

For Those Who Have Had Cosmetic Procedures – Electro Acupuncture Face Lifts Are Recommended

In fact, you’ll notice electro acupuncture micro current facial lift treatments extend the life of a surgical face – lift by toning the facial muscles and bringing circulation to the skin to improve and maintain its elasticity; potentially avoiding another round of surgery in the future.

Electro Acupuncture Micro current is Very Wise if you use Botox, fillers, micro- dermabrasion or have had any facial surgeries.

The underlying health and strength of your skin and sub dermal layers is the foundation upon which all these procedures and interventions rest. And the healthier and stronger your skin and musculature are, the more successful, natural and aesthetically pleasing the results from your procedures will be.

You Will Gain Results Without Having a ‘Worked On’ Appearance – Because The Results Are Simply ‘You’, Just a More Youthful Appearing Version

Using Electro Acupuncture Micro current therapy dramatically improves the results you will see if you have had cosmetic procedures. It brings the rest of the face up to speed to match the areas in which you have had procedures. It eliminates the ‘unnatural’ look because it makes all other elements of the face, that you have not had work on, look younger. It blends the procedures achieving a much more blended and natural look.

Why This Works – Humans are Electrically Charged Beings

Because the gentle level of Electro acupuncture current delivered mirrors your own bodies natural electrical impulses, your skin and muscle tissue respond very quickly resulting in firmer muscles and well hydrated skin overall. As the skin ages, skin cells lose much of their natural energy (similar to a battery losing its charge) which leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastinproduction and effect. Some facial muscles become increasingly contracted over the years of facial expressions; others become elongated over years of age and gravity.

Re-Educating Your Muscles Is Essential

Dr Meeks’ uses Subsensory Electro acupuncture micro current to re-educate the muscle tissue, stretching and/or tightening as is necessary. It will strengthen and tone loose and slack muscles, giving a firmer appearance to the face.

Realize there are 30 important facial muscles attached directly below the surface of the skin. As we all age, these muscles become weaker, and with gravities relentless downward pull, tends to drag the skin down further, making it more difficult for the facial skin covering them to remain elastic. The result is facial wrinkling and sagging, along with deep creases and muscle atrophy.

Pain Free, Needle Free, Scalpel Free, Chemical Free, and Side-Effect Free

Subsensory electro acupuncture micro current lifting has been used for the past 50 years in medical treatments with absolutely no side effects. It is completely safe and totally painless; it is, in fact, so relaxing that some people fall asleep during the procedure. The Reverse-Aging Electro Acupuncture Face Lift requires no anesthesia, no recovery time, no down time from work, and has no side effects.

Researchers have found that a series of 12 Reverse-Aging Anti-Gravity Face Lift treatments is best to achieve optimum results; although the number of treatments depends on skin condition, age and lifestyle.

This is not to be confused with galvanic current stimulation which is characterized by high voltage, pulsed stimulation that seeks to force liquids and medications into the skin. That is ‘adding’ something to the body; we don’t need to do that as we get far superior, safer and more natural results re-educating and revitalizing your existing structures.

The galvanic treatments comprise a lot of current to subject our skin to, especially over long periods of time. Subsensory, gentle Electro acupuncture micro current, on the other hand, is bi- polar and thus mimics the body’s own electrical impulses so accurately, that the body sees it as its own current; thus making it seamlessly effective.

Who Is A Candidate?

The best candidate for a Reverse-Aging Acupuncture Face Lift, is any patient who wishes to maintain or gain a youthful appearance. Younger patients use Electro Acupuncture Micro current to prevent the effects of aging. Older patients use it to reverse the effects of aging.

Proof It Works

Besides the massive increase of ATP, protein synthesis and cellular membrane transport, clinical studies have shown that after 20 days of treatment, the INCREASE in the following:

  • Production of elastin (48%)
  • Production of collagen (14%)
  • Increased blood circulation (38%)
  • Increased vascularization/number of blood vessels (35%)
  • Increased lymphatic drainage (28%)

For Younger Patients

Electro Acupuncture Microcurrent

Reverse-Aging Facial

  • Benefits of Reverse-Aging Facial
  • Significantly Diminishes Signs of Aging
  • Heals Your Skin from the Inside Out
  • Works On & Underneath the Skin
  • Strengthens Supporting Muscle Tissue
  • Your Entire Face Looks Years Younger!

Reverse-Aging Facial

First Treatment 30 Minutes – Left Half of Picture Shows Lifting. Notice Eyes, Cheeks , Eyebrows Lifted. These results are achieved by using gentle sub-sensory current that activates the bodies naturally occurring electrical impulses to reverse the signs of aging at our cellular level.


We are honored to have this chance to educate you on the fascinating and rapid advances in Electro acupuncture healing and body revitalizing techniques.

And just as we provide electro acupuncture for the body so you can put your best foot forward; we use electro acupuncture microcurrent so you may also put your best face forward as well.

Imagine how good you’d look and feel if we can accept your case and ‘take’ a decade or two off your appearance. Contact our Itasca chiropractic office today to find out more!

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