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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Quest Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Eldon Meeks

Friendly Staff

I felt very welcomed by the friendly staff. As my first visit, the staff and Dr. Meeks were very understanding, explained everything to me, and were great at listening to what kind of help I needed. I enjoyed my visit very much and plan to have many more visits in the future.

-Carolyn H.

I am looking forward to have Dr. Meeks help me get back to feeling comfortable in my own body! After 2 visits I already feel some relief and am so excited for him to continue to help me get back to being aligned! Great and honest guy!

-Haley K.

Allergy and Sinus:

Wow! What a difference. I have suffered from allergy symptoms all of my adult life on a year-round basis. Thanks to the wonderful work that Dr. Meeks does, I am like a normal person. Allergy symptom free!!

-Noreen N.

How do you spell relief? I spell it D-R- M-E-E-K-S. For 20 years I suffered with sinus infections, which through the years became increasingly worse. I saw various doctors and was on the “antibiotic merry-go-round.” Real and lasting R E L I E F occurred when I saw Dr. Meeks and he used electro-acupuncture. It doesn’t hurt and it has been the most effective treatment for me.

-Debra S.

I have been seeing Dr Meeks for about 4 – 5 months now and the improvement I’ve seen in myself is incredible. Since I was young I’ve had horrible allergies and sinus and 3 trials of allergy shots. Dr Meeks is the first person to help breathe out of my nose! I was constantly stuffed up and congested and after day one I could breath! He has improved hoe I feel everyday by approx. 75% and I love the fact of me getting better and better everyday! HE IS A MIRACLE MAN!

-Julia I.


I came to Dr. Meeks with lower back pain. However, he was able to also help me improve my lung function. Before his required sessions I was on strong asthma medication and still having attacks. Since the sessions I’ve been able to switch to milder medication and haven’t had an asthma attack.

-Oscar H.D.

Back Pain:

From a young age I have always been an athlete and into sports. I play everyday and never thought about what I was putting my body through. As I got older the games started to take a bigger toll on both my lower back and knees. Being the stubborn guy that I am, I didn’t believe my girlfriend when she said Chiropractic could help. I was very skeptical at first but finally came in for a visit with Dr Meeks. He told me that if I didn’t take care of these issues soon I could end up like my Father or Aunt who also had back and knee problems. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Meeks and receiving treatment, I have never felt better after a workout. I have been able to sleep in peace without having to toss and turn because of sharp pain in my lower back. I owe a lot to Dr. Meeks for getting me back on the field!

-Nick H.

I had a bad lower back pain problem, where it was hard to even simply stand up, or sit up in the morning without pain. After regular sessions with Dr. Meeks, I have seen vast improvement. Not only can I now do the simple little things I couldn’t without back pain, I also no longer feel any horrible strain on my lower back. Also, Dr. Meeks is very efficient and flexible for hours, which makes this great with my tough schedule.

-Justin L.

“I had been in pain with lower back problems for years. I had sought relief from my Medical Doctor, but found no answer to there. I was finally talked into trying a Chiropractic solution by a co-worker. I was originally skeptical, but found that it was the answer to my pain. The experience of being treated is comfortable and easy. I would recommend to anyone with back pain to visit Dr. Meeks. His caring, professional treatment will put you back on the road to a pain free back and piece of mind.”

-Paul B.

“I first came to Dr. Meeks for lower back pain and within two weeks I felt 95% improvement. Recently, I had a pinched nerve in my neck and after three weeks of treatment I am already 99% better. I also feel my normal monthly adjustments have truly helped keep my back and neck aligned.”

-Joe R.


Dr. Meeks is in the process of treating me for a slight case of sclerosis in my lower back as well as an unnaturally curved forward neck. After 28 sessions the curvature will be corrected so that the pressure on my C4 and C% vertebra will be alleviated. This means less sinus issues, headaches and stress on the shoulders – which is wonderful for me! I love the therapy bed to prepare my body to relax before adjustments (that are painless, by the way). The staff is so positive, personal, and friendly! I am trying to convince my boyfriend to come visit because I know it would help him feel healthier and stronger. I thank God that I can come here!

-Hayley S.

When I first came to Dr. Meeks, I was having headaches everyday, multiple times a day, very painful. I was kind of skeptical about Chiropractors because they haven’t helped in the past. Ever since seeing Dr. Meeks my headaches have completely gone away. I am amazed! I recommend anyone who is having headaches or any other pains to see Dr. Meeks! He is wonderful and can help like he helped me. Thanks Dr. Meeks.

-Larisa S.

Weight Loss:

My cravings have stopped since Dr Meeks! I pass cookies and bakery goods right up when I shop-and do not even have taste for them now. I actually feel like I will get sick if I eat sweets! Further more I have to force myself to finish my Good Foods Meals. I can’t wait to see the weight go bye-bye!

-Gail G.

I began electro-acupuncture treatments in January to help with weight loss. I also participated in a one-day liver detoxification under Dr. Meeks’ guidance, which consisted of all natural juices. The following week I lost six pounds. Weight loss has continued at a slower pace, and my doctor was able to reduce my diabetes medication in half. I am confident that I’ll be able to reach my goal of losing 20 pounds this year.

-Barbara P.


The Doc pinpointed my source of pain immediately. I have some pinched nerves compounded by arthritis. We have had several sessions and are making progress. I now have more restful nights, then the other way around (waking during the night from pain). He claims we are headed for a full recovery and I have to believe he will succeed. Thanks Doc!

-Gerald R.

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